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South Africa Move

In some countries, the internet gambling industry has been confronted with harsh prohibitions, rendering well-loved gambling activities as illegal. South Africa has finally joined the ranks of countries that deprive gambling enthusiasts from gaining legal access to their favorite legal online casinos because the South African courts just imposed a ruling that prohibits internet wagering. This is a result of the Gauteng High Court’s judgment regarding the long-time legal battle that the Gauteng Gambling Board has waged against the whole of the internet gambling industry. As a result, all forms of online casino gambling and internet wagering in general are strictly banned within the South African milieu. Furthermore, Judge Tuchten states that using digital products when gambling inside the country is illegal.

Operators and enthusiasts of online casinos and poker rooms reacted indignantly against the ruling, as was expected. They say that this decision will not be able to fully eradicate internet wagering in South Africa; and that it will yield more problems than solutions. South Africa will have nearly no chance of properly enforcing and upholding the ban. There are reasons why the USA is currently reconsidering and amending its prohibitive laws— regulation enables the government to control the industry, to provide gamblers a safe and regulated environment, and it also yields advantageous tax gains.

ISP and financial institutions must halt servicing online casino gamblers; and even the media is at risk of prosecution during cases wherein advertisements on radio, print, billboards or TV, support internet gambling. According to Business Day, severe sanctions and charges await those who will break the prohibitive gambling laws through paying a huge fine worth $1.4 million dollars, or being subject to a 10-year imprisonment. Some cases might even render the “lawbreaker” to be penalized with both.