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Online Betting in the UK

Online sports betting has long been a popular activity to take part in before the big game days. There are so many sports played in the UK that can make for exciting betting, but the problem is that sport betting online is largely illegal within the UK. Even though the marketplace is very friendly towards online gambling, there has not been a favorable change for many years in the Federal laws that govern the practice.


UK online betting sites do exist, but there are not as many sites that are friendly to the UK than there are in some other countries and continents. Why is this?

The major reason is the harsh and strict requirements placed on UK friendly betting sites. Online sports betting is a type of online gambling that is technically illegal within the UK, at least for those running the operations. That means that all the best betting sites cannot have a physical location within the UK and must operate offshore to be able to be accessed within the UK.

Beyond those restrictions, there are many different international money transfer issues within the UK due to the illegal status of online sports gambling. Money transfers can be difficult or expensive, making the venture less worthwhile for the betting companies. While actual bettors almost never face any fines or litigation, betting companies can be charged, blocked out, shut down, or fined large amounts for making even one mistake.


Despite the complications, there are still some betting sites that operate within the UK and bring the ability to place bets on your favorite sporting events. These are some new bookmakers that are UK compatible:

  • EnergyBet
  • Royal Panda
  • LVBet
  • Sun Bets