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CSGO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is an intense online first person shooter video game in the Counter Strike video game line. You can play in a team or individually in separate matches to win your way to glory and in some cases, money.

Visit the website for many of the top betting sites whos globally have bets for CSGO players, although others still do not offer this as an option. You will be able to take your pick from well known and lesser known betting sites for CSGO bets.


If you just want to practice placing your bets without using any real money, you can try some of the free CSGO betting sites. They don’t deal in real cash, so you can get some of the fun of betting without any of the risks.
For serious bettors, there are CSGO jackpot bets, single match bets, fantasy league bets, and skill bets. The most common type of CSGO betting sites are the jackpot betting sites, following closely by the match betting sites. Sometimes there are official tournaments hosted for CSGO which will be counted as match bets and can be a very exciting thing to bet on.

Fantasy leagues are also a fun option of this type of betting, although there are only a small number of fantasy CSGO betting sites. Jackpot bets do not all use real money, nor do skill bets.


These are some of the top real money betting sites for CSGO:

  • Betway (match betting)
  • 10bet (match betting)
  • Esport Gaming (match betting)
  • CSGO Big (jackpot)
  • Vulcun (fantasy betting)
  • Esports Pools (fantasy betting)
  • CSGO Lucky (jackpot)
  • Kickback (skill betting)
  • Leet (skill betting)
  • CSGO fake bet (Free betting – no real money bets)

Boost your multiple winnings with LSbet

Everybody loves to land a multi and the profits that come with an accumulator are the highlight for any member of the betting community. There are many promos around that relate to multiple bets and this deal from LSbet can give a healthy boost to your winnings.

On top of any profit that you make, this bookmaker will add an extra bonus in the shape of a €25.00 Free Bet. Naturally there are some terms and conditions that apply but this is an easy offer to follow. Here are the main points.

  • The promotion applies to football bets only but you can stake on any game in any league. All types of bets are allowed so this isn’t restricted to result bets only.
  • Your multiple must contain at least 5 selections and all prices must be at an absolute minimum of 1.30.
  • The bonus amount on offer is equivalent to 100% of the stake up to that maximum of 25 Euros.

Remember that with all promotions from LSbet, you must contact the bookmaker yourself as your bonuses and free bets won’t appear in your account automatically. Just contact them via live chat or send over an e-mail via and your freebie will appear in your account within 24 hours – usually instantly if you use Live Chat. You then have up to 30 days in which to use it and it must be staked as one, single bet.
This particular offer is available up until 31.10.2015 so there is still time to stake a multi bet and to take advantage of an impressive deal. LSbet are constantly offering new promotions – particularly in the football markets – so keep checking our news updates but for now, this current deal can make your multiple bet profits that much bigger.