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Online Betting in the UK

Online sports betting has long been a popular activity to take part in before the big game days. There are so many sports played in the UK that can make for exciting betting, but the problem is that sport betting online is largely illegal within the UK. Even though the marketplace is very friendly towards online gambling, there has not been a favorable change for many years in the Federal laws that govern the practice.


UK online betting sites do exist, but there are not as many sites that are friendly to the UK than there are in some other countries and continents. Why is this?

The major reason is the harsh and strict requirements placed on UK friendly betting sites. Online sports betting is a type of online gambling that is technically illegal within the UK, at least for those running the operations. That means that all the best betting sites cannot have a physical location within the UK and must operate offshore to be able to be accessed within the UK.

Beyond those restrictions, there are many different international money transfer issues within the UK due to the illegal status of online sports gambling. Money transfers can be difficult or expensive, making the venture less worthwhile for the betting companies. While actual bettors almost never face any fines or litigation, betting companies can be charged, blocked out, shut down, or fined large amounts for making even one mistake.


Despite the complications, there are still some betting sites that operate within the UK and bring the ability to place bets on your favorite sporting events. These are some new bookmakers that are UK compatible:

  • EnergyBet
  • Royal Panda
  • LVBet
  • Sun Bets

MobbySlots Casino review

First of all, let me announce a very special and exciting news from MobbySlots Casino for all players who are crazy about playing gambling games and it is about the the payout of the bonus. Deposit $ 50 and avail $ 200 for free and avail $ 100 on the second deposit.

MobbySlots Casino is one of the most exciting, fun-filling and most rejuvenated new mobile casinos in the internet. It offers world class services, huge and reliable bonuses, e-cash facilities and many promotional facilities. The casino is in swing to use state of art graphics and best sound to present a superbly great gambling experience.

MobbySlots Casino has reserved more than 80 vegas-style games for all players that naturally stimulate every player to incline to this casino only, never to go other casinos. All time favorite casino games, you can always find in this casinos are poker games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, keno, craps, multi-hand blackjack and cyber stud poke. The casino is still a big warehouse of other 150 casino games, including 20 plus slots and 60 plus table games with great payouts of 97.50%. The payout percentage is necessarily subject to be reviewed each by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

MobbySlots Casino is fully licensed and fully supportable for all players. The transactions done here is via credit card and the transaction policies are safe and trustworthy. There are many options for a player to deposit money: Neteller, Firepay, Click2Pay, Solo, Check, ACH and Switch.

Progressive Jackpots – What are they?

Progressive jackpots are great for both us and the casino’s, how so you may ask? They give us the chance to win a life changing sum of money, and when we do the casino gets fantastic publicity. Consequently casinos are keen for their customers to win the jackpots offered, sounds odd? When you understand how progressive jackpots work all becomes much clearer.

Progressive jackpot‘s are funded from several different sources that when combined give one lucky player an amazingly large win. How does the prize pool accumulate to such a large amount? This question is often asked by casino slots players who observe how fast the jackpot increases in value, compared to the normal slot machines. They do it by accumulating a prize fund off multiple slots rather than off just the one. This is achieved by taking a percentage off the earnings of each individual slot machine incorporated in the fund. These are then combined to provide the large prize pool offered in the progressive jackpot. It stands to reason that the jackpot will be far larger if it is made up from many different contributors rather than just one. Having lots of contributors will also make the jackpot expand many times faster than the standard, single jackpot. Of course there are consequences for having the chance of winning such large amounts of money, and that’s the chance of winning it; the payback percentage is much lower on progressive slots than on standard slot machines. However, Players that enjoy the thrill of playing for the big win, love the excitement of playing progressive jackpots! More reason to play slots read this article.

There are three different types of progressive jackpots, these are: In-House slots, Stand Alone Progressive slots and the Major Progressive Jackpots. The major progressive jackpots usually have the biggest prizes as they are managed by individual operators that spread the fund through many different casinos online and don’t have to worry about competition. They have a larger number of slot machines giving a percentage of earnings to the big jackpot creating a very handsome win! Then there are the In-House progressive jackpot slots which are managed by a single casino, these draw their prize pool from the slot machines within their own casino, or casinos that are run under the same association. Finally we have the Stand Alone progressive slots, these are the least popular. This type of progressive jackpot does not create the large prize by taking a percentage of the total revenue generated by the slots within the fund, but rather by limiting the payout on the minor wins, so that they can put more towards the main jackpot.

As you can see from the way the progressive jackpots are funded, there is little impact on the casino’s profits but when there is a big win the media coverage provides great advertising for the casino concerned. This generates fresh income from the new players attracted and gives a new incentive to the existing ones.

American Casino Guide

Safe Casinos may be great places for people to get entertained and pass the time but there are some things that people don’t like about casinos. In this short American casino guide, people will learn the pros and cons of an American casinos.

First of all, a casino is a paradise for smokers. If you go inside a casino, make sure that you can tolerate the smoking or a smoker. If not, it would be wise to choose a casino that is properly ventilated so that you can easily breathe in the building. A lot of casinos have no-smoking zones and no-smoking tables for both players and dealers who are bothered by cigars and cigarettes.

The queues inside a casino are also quite long and there is nothing as bad as a slow-moving line whether you are inside a player’s club or the buffet. These days, payoffs are by tickets instead of just coins. There is also a lack of attendants watching the slots. There are lesser attendants walking around the aisles. If there is a malfunctioning machine, waiting for an attendant can take a while.

If a casino wants a player to get inside or drive for hours to get to them, do they really know that $5 worth of free time in playing is going to do it? Players know that slot machines are going to beat them in the long run but they still want to have some fun for a while. Luckily, some of these problems can be improved with a little technique by players.

Buffet-goers can often avoid long lines by timing the dining during off-hours. The problem of waiting for slot attendants is mainly due to the use of bar-coded tickets. This means they never have to wait for machines to be filled with coins or for the jam to be cleared.

Planet Hollywood Casino Review

The state of California offers all kinds of great experiences for your Hollywood Casino needs. California features thoroughbred horses and harness racing. They also have dog races at tracks across the state. The state also permits Indian gaming and licenses the many card rooms that exist across the state. These card rooms operate according to the rules set by the house and many open and then close each year.

The Colusa Indian Bingo and Casino is open 24 hours and has a restaurant that is also open 24 hours. It offers a breakfast and sandwich/soup menu. This casino offers an RV park at Calusa River State Park. It has three blackjack tables with limits at $100. It has a poker room that includes seven-card stud, Texas and Omaha Hold, seven-card Hil-Lo, pineapple, and Pia Go. They have more than 250 machines including reels and video keno, with nickel, dime, and quarter denominations. They have bingo every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 7pm. They always have ongoing promotions and you should call for their current calendar. You will also find a casino site here to play online casino games.

Planet Hollywood Casino

The Table Mountain Casino and Bingo is another Hollywood casino. It is open 24 hours and features the Eagles Landing Restaurant. It has 23 blackjack tables, seven tables for poker, and seven Asian tables playing pai gow, push 9 and super pan 9. They have 833 machines including Buffalo Quarters, Wild Fire, Native Nickel, Blue Lightning, Lucky Braves, and more. They have daily poker tournaments, automobile and cash giveaways. You should call for their bingo schedule. They feature live entertainment each day. And even have Muay Thai kickboxing three times a year. There are also ongoing food specials.

Hollywood Park Casino

The Chumash casino is another Hollywood casino you should check out. They have accommodations three miles away. And they have table games that include Chumash 21, Texas Hold, Omaha, seven-card stud, and blackjack. They have 700 video gaming machines in nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar denominations. They also have high stakes bingo four nights a week. You should call their bingo hotline for a monthly calendar for their bingo, tournaments, events, and entertainment. This facility is just north of Hollywood casino.

There are a number of terrific Hollywood casinos you should check out on your trip to California. Next time you are planning your vacation to this area, be sure to check out the Hollywood casino.

Different online casino games

The new players can play demo games where the player need not bet money and play. Thus he/she can practice the games if they desire to learn the game. Once they learn game strategies they can start playing the game using money. Thus by following this practice the players have the opportunity to win the game. They use various strategies to win the game.

The players have the opportunity to play different games such as poker, blackjack, Roulette and slots.

Poker: This game involves usage of cards and the players bet when they play. The winner is declared by the card he/she holds during the game. Players play different types of poker games such as video poker, Texas holdem and many others.
Blackjack: Fifty cards are used in this game. This game is also referred as vingt-et-un. This game is between the dealer and the player.
Slot: In this game luck plays pivotal role and only one player can also play this game. The gaming machine is used during the play.
Roulette: When the players participate in this game they place a bet on single number which is mentioned on desk of the dealer. It may consist single number and the number may be even or odd. The color of the number may be black or red. The players who bet the number on the winning number wins then he/she is declared as winner.

Poker Texas holdem: This is very popular game among the players who play at online casino. Many players who are beginners find it easy to learn the game. There are different types of poker games which include poker texas holdem. First one is limit Texas holdem where the player bet before the game is started and it is fixed. The other type is no limit Texas holdem where the players during the play can have unlimited bets. The players can also have mixed Texas holdem. Its combination of both limited and unlimited Texas holdem.

South Africa Move

In some countries, the internet gambling industry has been confronted with harsh prohibitions, rendering well-loved gambling activities as illegal. South Africa has finally joined the ranks of countries that deprive gambling enthusiasts from gaining legal access to their favorite legal online casinos because the South African courts just imposed a ruling that prohibits internet wagering. This is a result of the Gauteng High Court’s judgment regarding the long-time legal battle that the Gauteng Gambling Board has waged against the whole of the internet gambling industry. As a result, all forms of online casino gambling and internet wagering in general are strictly banned within the South African milieu. Furthermore, Judge Tuchten states that using digital products when gambling inside the country is illegal.

Operators and enthusiasts of online casinos and poker rooms reacted indignantly against the ruling, as was expected. They say that this decision will not be able to fully eradicate internet wagering in South Africa; and that it will yield more problems than solutions. South Africa will have nearly no chance of properly enforcing and upholding the ban. There are reasons why the USA is currently reconsidering and amending its prohibitive laws— regulation enables the government to control the industry, to provide gamblers a safe and regulated environment, and it also yields advantageous tax gains.

ISP and financial institutions must halt servicing online casino gamblers; and even the media is at risk of prosecution during cases wherein advertisements on radio, print, billboards or TV, support internet gambling. According to Business Day, severe sanctions and charges await those who will break the prohibitive gambling laws through paying a huge fine worth $1.4 million dollars, or being subject to a 10-year imprisonment. Some cases might even render the “lawbreaker” to be penalized with both.